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Group of companies located in Rabat Morocco, specialized in selling all types of granite and marble travertine to import all products in the same sector in the Moroccan market and export local products to any destination around the globe, first stereo was founded in 1983 under the direction of the family Blal. The challenges of this century and the globalization of markets has led to Sahara Marble restructure and modernize in order to provide a competitive product with high quality which explains the use of the most modern techniques in the extraction of blocks in multiple careers: Bensliman career, career Khenifra, Agadir career, career-Tazouta

The implementation of the strategy UPGRADE results in the transfer, and import the latest technology to the global equipment and machinery used to enable us to obtain a supply healthy and perfectly squared, having understood that mARBLE SAHARA for quality is a race without a finish line, and the dynamics of mobilization will continue, to always ensure and improve the quality of marble and granite to achieve a quality that meets the required international market.

STAFF: SAHARA MARBLE includes a series of departments whose activities range from mining processing to marketing through own commercial network that extends around the world.

The transfer of technology has brought to society not only equipment manufacturing but also technical training and assistance to staff.